Cleaning Master Bedroom Window Treatments in South Charlotte

It's been a weekk of cleaning Fine Drapery fabrics hanging in master bedrooms. We have been doing a good number of these going into the cold season. Our bedroom fabrics are always the most in need of attention because they hold so many allergens and hamful microbes which weaken our immune systems. Healthy fabrics make for a much better resting environment for ourselves and our loved ones, plus cleanig lengthens the life of the treatments. The insulated draperies shown here, are not only very elegant, they also serve to help control the temperature, and UV damage but also function as an air filter at the windows accumulating the residue of life.

If your bedroom window treatments have not been deep cleaned in over 4 years, it is time. Your rest needs it, your immune system needs it. And our Onsite cleaning means you do not have to go without them.

Pre-Holiday appointments are still available.