Dancing in the Ceiling of a Charlotte Hotel Reception Room

The Hotel Manager did not know if the roller shades had ever been cleaned. The top sides were covered with soils and water stains. This reception hall is heavily used for weddings and other formal events and needs help. Close examination by their engineering staff proved that the units could not be temporarily removed for cleaning so a call was made to Mike Busch, the Charlotte regional On-Site Fabricare Technician to see if there was another option.

Mike is convinced that it is a do-able project although quite challenging. To clean the top side required that the technician, brushes, chemicals, and equipment be in the skylight with the shade fully extended.

Friday, he danced and sweated in the ceiling on a bright sunny day for almost 6 hours. Twenty years of neglect succombed to the three legs of cleaning - chemistry, temperature, and agitation, along with experience and perseverance                            


And now a Reception Hall worthy of its name. The Queens Hall.

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